Tik Tok Tips

Tik Tok Tips

The Tik-Tok boom is in full effect. Since the platform first became available in the U.S. in summer 2018, Tik-Tok has generated six billion lifetime downloads in app stores and hit 689 million users worldwide.

Between viral dances, memes, recipes, hacks and other Tik Tok trends, it’s hard to avoid the platform’s influence, leaving many brands to wonder—should we be on TikTok?

Storytelling is key

Creating videos with storytelling is essential in order to make an emotional connection with your audience. This in turn encourages them to take some kind of action, whether that means leaving a like, comment, or following your account. A good idea before you even begin to create your content is to ask yourself: what do I want my audience to feel?

Stay on top of trends and use them in your favor

Trends are happening all the time on TikTok. Sometimes they appear organically, often reflecting something that is going on in the world. Other times they are pushed by TikTok, in the form of a hashtag for example. The best way to find them is simply by scrolling through the app and keeping an eye out, “favoriting” any recurring themes that you notice.

Post frequently

Sharing content regularly is the way to go if you want to increase your following on TikTok. Arnulfur recommends you post at least once a day, preferably more, if you’re trying to grow your account.

And don’t worry about posting too often!

In the case of some platforms such as Instagram, too many posts can actually put your audience off by oversaturating their feed. This isn’t the case with TikTok. One explanation for this is called the “batch theory” which suggests that if you post more than one TikTok, the app will share it with different audience groups rather than bombarding the same people with all of your material at once.

Follow three second rules and something more

So, to be successful on Tik-Tok you need two simple steps: good and creative content and a lot of likes! The second step is so easy to reach if you’ll use our service for promotion! We offer not only likes for your Tik-Tok videos but also subs, shares and even comments! Remember people will respond better to videos with a lot of likes and tick-tok algorithms will allow you to get into recommendations more often!

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