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Create Child Panel

  • Paying only $25 per month
  • Free for level 3 and 4 plans
  • 3% discount on all services

If you are one of our regular customers or you want to increase your income, Child Panel is the best option for you. The Google child panel is actually the same ZOSMM website that is faster and easier to build and costs much less.

Would you like to have a site like ZOSMM?

We have provided this possibility for you. An SMM panel with its own domain and similar to ZOSMM. Isn't it amazing? This is not the end. We have many discounts for you. Up to 37% discount for all services. We'll even refund the child panel registration fee, and that's the start of ZOSMM's partnership with you. More and faster support is waiting for you. We will be by your side to manage your SMM panel.

Follow the simple steps below To create child Panel

Create Child Panel


Sign in to ZOSMM

Sign in here

Haven't created a ZOSMM account before? sign up


Go to Child Panel section on menu and  complete the form

Domain:  Enter your domain. If you haven't registered your domain yet, you can do it on these websites:

GoDaddy , Namecheap

NameServers:  Go to your domain management section and put these addresses in the custom DNS section:


Currency:  Specify the currency you want panel calculations and deposits and payments to be based on. You can put it on USD or INR or any other currency.

Admin username:  This is the username you use to log into the ChildPanel admin section. Note that this username is separate from your ZOSMM username.

Admin password: Enter a password to enter the admin section of your child panel. Note that this password is for managing the child panel and is separate from your ZOSMM account password.

Confirm password: Re-enter the password you entered above here.

Price per month: This is your Childpanel monthly cost. Note that your account balance must be sufficient. If your account balance is not enough, you can top up your account by clicking on Add Funds.

Note:If your previous month's deposit was at least $5000, you'll get 100% back.

  • Paying only $25 per month
  • Free for level 3 and 4 plans
  • 3% discount on all services

Submit Order: Click the submit button.

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Create Child Panel




It's over. Now you have an SMM panel like .

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