10 strategies to get more Telegram members

10 strategies to get more Telegram members

How Can I Grow My Telegram Group or Channel? 10 strategies to get more Telegram users

How Can I Grow My Telegram Group or Channel?

More and more people are using Telegram channels. Their advantages are clear: based on a well-known messenger, users can easily combine personal communication and all helpful and entertaining content in one location; a high engagement rate; and the growing popularity of Telegram. More than 3 million people subscribe to the most popular Telegram channels today. But how do you expand your channel to this size?

The top 10 ways to find members on Telegram are listed below. And you could achieve excellent results by mixing some of them. Alternately, use the bonus point to buy real members from us:

The Top 10 Ways to Increase Telegram Subscribers for Your Channel or Group

It's very difficult to make your business stand out in the modern competitive market. It doesn't matter how good your product is, ineffective marketing does not generate revenue at all.

Invite friends and friends of friends to become members.

200 first Telegram Channel members can be added from your own contacts for free. When the 200-point limit is met, this option is immediately disabled. However, you can still ask your friends to share your link with their friends by sharing your channel in private messages with your contacts. Within a few days, effective networking can increase your channel's membership by 200–300.

Pros: Telegram subscribers are completely free; adding your first member is simple and helpful for getting started.

Cons: There are only a few members, it's impossible to build a large channel, and the subscribers are not targeted (your friends are only there to support your new business; over time, they'll probably stop being there).

Promotional Content in Telegram Direct Chat

Sending a direct message with an invitation link to the target group or channel is another technique to draw users to it. Remember that sending messages to individuals you know are both interested in and somehow connected to your group or channel issue will boost your chances of garnering an audience.

For instance, you may locate a group of people working in your industry and send direct messages to them. The v-User Telegram mass sender is an example of a tool of this type that may extract the username of the group members and send them the desired message when sending messages in mass. You can visit the v-User website at https://www.v-user.com/en/side-products/telegram-bulk-message-sender for additional details.

Pros:  include saving time, building a list of people interested in your industry, delivering ads automatically, and paying once for permanent use.

Cons: No mobile application; only available on Windows

Social media marketing

Promote your Telegram channel via social media by posting links to Quora, Facebook pages, Instagram, or popular TikTok videos. Use your existing communities, start new ones, or enlist the aid of minor influencers.

Pros: it's free.

Cons: It takes a lot of time and effort to promote your links; there is fierce competition; and there are no assurances that you will attract any subscribers.

Take part in chat rooms.

There is a possibility that being an active member and sharing your channel link will help you get new subscribers in Telegram chat groups that are linked to the subject of your channel. In addition to communities related to your niche, there are dedicated Telegram promotion groups where everyone shares links.

Pros: it's free.

Cons: This is the least efficient way; you are likely to get banned and have a terrible reputation for spamming, and your prospects of even gaining a few members are slim.


There is a probability that other channels (of a similar size) will agree to perform a cross-promotion once the channel has more than 5000 members. Two channels cross-promote one another and essentially trade followers. The ideal scenario is to cross-promote channels from related categories (for example, the greatest bargains on fashion and electronics, soccer picks, and basketball picks).

Pros: It's free.

Cons: There are no assurances that you'll attract subscribers; small and new channels shouldn't use them; it's challenging to discover good channels for cross-promotion.

Catalogs of Telegram Channels

Being listed in catalogs is another technique to attract subscribers for your channel or group. You can access more than fifty catalog websites. Tgstat is one of the most well-known and significant.

Pros: Free; Google searches might direct visitors to your channel.

Cons: Only a small portion of people utilize catalogs; they are not suited for rapid or significant growth; and there is fierce competition among similar channels.

Pay-to-play advertising in Telegram channels

One of the most common methods for channel promotion and recruiting real members The goal is to pay admins to be posted in their channels for 1–24 hours. 1) The length of your campaign will determine the cost of publication. 2) The size of the platform where you want to receive promotion. A promotional post often results in 0 to 500 new users, depending on the call to action, channel content, and engagement in the channel where you advertise. Understanding what promotion you should invest in requires strategic thinking because the results are unexpected.

Pros: Genuine and specific members are positives

Cons: Expensive, no guarantees that you will get subscribers (you can easily spend money and gain zero new followers), vulnerability to fraud (you can pay someone to add Telegram subscribers to your channel, but you will only receive bots in return), and lengthy process (gaining 10,000 subscribers can take years).

Personalized marketing

Utilizing Facebook ads is a different strategy for paid promotion and recruiting members for a Telegram group. You might be able to target your audience with 100% accuracy thanks to the enormous range of choices.

Pros: Genuine and specific members are positives.

Cons: can be very expensive; high risk of failure; requires knowledge of Facebook ads or hiring a professional (and believe us, learning it is not simple).

Get robots

40,000 new members in one day, from zero? If you add phony Telegram users, it's simple. Bots are users created by specialized software and are not real followers or even persons. These individuals are essentially useless (they won't read your posts or buy your stuff), but they do raise the real number of followers you have. In exchange, it can draw in actual users (new subscribers should join large channels rather than small ones). However, there is one major issue: Telegram removes these users. Even if you have 40,000 followers today, that doesn't guarantee you will have them tomorrow.

Pros: affordable, quick growth, excellent option if you're just looking for a big number.

Cons: Users who are idle and useless will all be deleted at any time.

Purchase actual Telegram users

There are various sites that allow anyone to purchase actual Telegram users. This strategy keeps the benefits of paid advertising (actual people) and bots (quick development, affordable pricing, guarantees—you get what you pay for).

Pros:  include quick promotion, genuine users, lower advertising costs, and guarantees (for example, if you pay for 1000 members, you will also receive 1000 followers).

Cons: more costly than bots, not targetable.

In conclusion,

these are the primary techniques for growing followers in Telegram groups and channels. However, you must consider your channel and the value you provide to people before acting. If your material is inconsistent and of bad quality, even effective Telegram promotion methods won't help. What, therefore, constitute the success-related essentials? Branding (name, description, logo), excellent, distinctive, and practical information, and reliable publishing (avoid spam, keep it straightforward, and don't post more than ten times each day).

How can I purchase actual Telegram users?

For Telegram channels and groups, AppsGeyser provides real members who are prepared to interact with any material, goods, or services. Providing customers from all over the world, including Malaysia, Europe, the United States, Kenya, Nigeria, and India Fast delivery: 1000 members in 1 to 3 days. If any participants leave the channels, we will add new Telegram users at no cost. Live assistance during any promotion stage.

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We collected 5 of the most popular questions from our panel visitors and answered them.

  1. Manually add participants from your contact list.
  2. Use social media to advertise.
  3. Take part in forums and chat rooms.
  4. Promote in tandem.
  5. Sign up for Telegram channel lists.
  6. Telegram channel promotions that pay
  7. Targeted advertising on Google or Facebook
  8. Get robots
  9. Purchase actual Telegram users

Manually add members, post links on forums and social media, cross-promote, and join catalogs.

You can invite people from your contact list, share links with friends on Facebook, on websites, forums, catalogs, and through cross-promotion with other channel owners to gain free Telegram subscribers.

Yes, you can purchase both genuine and fake Telegram users. False members are less expensive but are not active users. Real members, on the other hand, are more numerous, but these are active, real users.

To purchase Telegram members, click the Get Telegram Members button, launch the Telegram bot, and select a target country, package, and payment method from the drop-down box.

It's very difficult to make your business stand out in the modern competitive market. It doesn't matter how good your product is, ineffective marketing does not generate revenue at all.