Telegram Vs Instagram

There are many domestic and foreign social networks in World , but people are more interested in the two networks Telegram and Instagram than other networks.

Is Telegram better or Instagram ?

There are many domestic and foreign social networks in World , but people are more interested in the two networks Telegram and Instagram than other networks.

The main differences between Telegram and Instagram

(Is Telegram better or Instagram)

There are many domestic and foreign social networks in World , but people are more interested in the two networks Telegram and Instagram than other networks. Statistics show that about forty million Iranians  are active in Telegram, while the number of Iranians on Instagram is  about twenty-five million. The person is estimated. However, the  potential for advertising in Telegram is different from that on  Instagram. The purpose of this article is to compare the potential of  these two networks so that you can better execute and operate your  advertising.

Telegram OR Instagram

On Instagram, everyone comes to see, but on Telegram,  everyone is present to communicate. Prepare and publish promotional  messages according to the type of application they have. It should be  noted that users in Telegram publish your message to communicate with  others, but on Instagram, users mention their friends and acquaintances  to show something to each other. If the difference between these two  networks is well understood, it can help you to use the potential of  these two social networks well for your advertising.

Note that one of the main differences between these two networks is  the continuous interactions that you can create by creating groups of  your customers in Telegram Find that you can not have this feature on  Instagram right now. On the other hand, if your messages are solid and  strong in terms of visual content on Instagram, you will be seen more  and users of this network will follow you.

Text or image? This is the problem!

On Instagram, the text is marginal to the image, but on Telegram, the  text is slightly superior to the image. With this in mind, if your  audience is going to read a text on Instagram, it is better to have a  good reason for them. In addition, you must have a sign in the image and  video that you publish, otherwise in the best case, Just a few moments  prevent them from blinking. On the other hand, when text and images are  so important in the telegram, you need to have a very specific text and  image strategy and know that your texts must have a direct meaning to your images.

Different appearance

Instagram and its pages are designed as a grid by default, but  Telegram is designed as a stream, which means that if you find an  Instagram page, more information will be given to the audience at a  glance and the person will have more choice; But for Telegram, there is  no such feature in the channels and the person picks up and down the  messages. On Instagram, it is a little more due to the page design. Of  course, staying and following Instagram and Telegram channels is  different.

Be interactive (if it matters to you!)

Let’s assume how to follow a page (channel) in Telegram and Instagram.  There is no discussion about the channel (page) in Telegram, the only  statistic that Telegram gives for advertising activities is the number  of times the posts are viewed, which is not a good criterion for  measuring the number of posts in a row. Now that Instagram has the  ability for people to comment or like the page they want. The  interactive nature of Instagram has led to better measurement of  advertising activities and more explicit feedback.

For companies with specific goals, Instagram has the ability to provide companies with a mountain of information by  examining people’s profiles, while the Telegram profile does not provide  any information for companies to interpret. By looking at profiles,  advertising companies can find their special customers and followers and  invest in their tastes. While Telegram does not have this capability  and can not reach the target people and community. In fact, Telegram  follows the logic of “spread and pray until you are seen” (spry and  pry), a logic that only keeps you hoping your ad will be seen.

Is Telegram better or Instagram?

This is the problem!

The hands behind the curtain determine everything!

As everyone knows, Instagram is one of the assets of Facebook. Over  the years, Facebook has shown that it has always provided special  features for economic actors in its networks. The news published by this  company shows that it is placed on the dashboards of Instagram  profiles. It is to activate the trade sector; Telegram, on the other  hand, is run by a Russian company for which consumers are no different  and has not designed a specific platform for economic actors.

Of course, their constant and regular updates should not be ignored,  but so far no news of the dashboard or any special possibility for  economic actors has been communicated by this company. The challenges  facing Telegram to operate in Iran are many, but it is not easy to  ignore its quadruple population compared to Instagram and not advertise on it.


Both of these networks are powerful networks in Iran, but advertising  must be based on their differences in appearance and substance, in  which case advertising is effective. Having a plan is necessary for everyone, and without a plan, neither advertising on Telegram nor  Instagram will be useful, although, as mentioned, a program should be  developed in accordance with the social network.

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