Tips For YouTube Livestreaming

Tips For YouTube Livestreaming

How To Start Making Money On YouTube Live Stream?

Tips For YouTube Livestreaming

How To Start Making Money On YouTube Live Stream?

Start Making Money On YouTube

Live Stream YouTube is actively used right now. Many bloggers are trying to stream more often because it brings the community and the creator closer together, helps build trust, friendship and earns money.

Video streaming platforms like YouTube have turned into a deep pool of opportunities for users where they can build a career and earn a living too. Recently the platform rolled out Live video streaming features to a few selected YouTubers where they monetized their channels.

We would like to draw attention that live stream on YT isn’t only for video bloggers. It’s a truly powerful tool for promotion and making money.

Let’s find how to monetize live stream on YouTube:


You can show an advertising banner at the beginning or in the middle of live stream, Superchat allows the viewers for a donation to send messages to online chat, which will be underlined in color and fixed on the top.


Post a link to your e-wallet and specify the purpose of the donation.

Using other social media

For example, in the end of a live stream you could give a link to a Facebook, Telegram or Instagram and sell your product here.

Helping in monetization Watch Time

Sure you know it takes 4000 hours of viewing to monetize your channel. Live Stream YT helps to gain these hours.

What services for live stream do we have?

· You can order a usual Live stream views which will keep the same number of viewers throughout the entire stream.

· Or you can buy views which will be delivered randomly, but in the end you still get as much as much you ordered.

It’s totally up to you to decide which views you want!

YouTube Live streaming monetization might seem to be a slow process at the beginning but if it is strategized and executed correctly, the yield can be higher than monetizing standard channel videos.

Brands and creators get the opportunity to directly influence the selected market, which puts an impact on the sales, thus helping in the overall growth of the company.

If you don’t have plenty of subscribers on YouTube we’re able to help you and make your Live stream more visible and popular. The main thing that all streamers need are viewers. How to get more views on YouTube live stream? To buy it on ZOSMM.COM because we provide a 100% unique live viewers which also means you possibly can get not only viewers but also a new audience for your channel!

We will help you take your Youtube presence to another level.