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Buy Telegram Fake Members

Buy Telegram Fake members, as its name suggests, is an unreal member and does not have any activity in your Telegram channel.

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What are the advantages of Telegram fake members?

What are the disadvantages of Telegram fake members?

What is the amount of member fake loss?

In the world of social media, Telegram has a special place and there is a lot of competition in it, every person can create a channel in the field he likes and share his interests with others in the form of video, text or photos. That's why the competition is high and people always trust those who have gathered more members around them and have a lot of activity in their channel.

(If you want to know about Telegram and its history, read on Wikipedia)

What are the advantages of member fake Telegram?

As I said, one of the ways to attract a real audience is to create trust for them. buy Telegram fake members is a quick way to increase the number of real members in the channel. In this way, 2 main elements are always important for contacts.

1) Number of channel members:

No matter how high the number of channel members is, for the audience, it means that your channel has the best and most reliable content.

2) The dynamics and activity of your channel:

The audience of the virtual space are all looking for interaction and conversation, and they are happy to join a channel that is constantly discussing and talking.

These two items can be quickly created for your channel with the most basic task, i.e., buy Telegram fake members, and after that, everything depends on your activity and content production.

What are the disadvantages of Telegram fake members?

With all the good things that I said about buy Telegram fake members, this work is not without harm, with this you should not expect these members to be active and participate in the content that you publish.

They join only to increase the number of members of your channel, and sometimes they may have empty and repetitive profiles, and many of these members may be deleted from Telegram and your channel will lose members, because they have not been active in Telegram for a long time, after a few Months (whose time is not clear and exact)

What is the amount of fake members loss?

The amount of fake member drops is not exactly known and depends on many factors, but in general, it can be said that 100% of them may drop from the channel, and you must know the number of drops from the seller when buying.

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